What do I need to do to make changes to my home?

If you are changing elements of your home like front flowerbeds, roofing, exterior paint, fencing, backyard decks, etc. an Architectural Change Request needs to be submitted. Completed forms should be emailed to [email protected]. The request will be shared with the Architectural Committee for review. You may also need to file a form with the City of Pflugerville.


What is the distance of the trail loop?

The loop is about 1500 feet, 0.3mi or about 0.5km. About 10 loops make about 3 miles (5km).


How can I get a copy of the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CCRs)?

Download the documents online. If you’d like a hardcopy email [email protected].


How do I report a violation of the CCRs (deed restrictions)?

Download the Complaint Form, fill it out with as much detail as possible and send to the HOA Manager’s Office.


How does the SBG HOA spend dues money?

The board spends money on various administrative costs such as water, electricity, and landscaping necessary to maintain the neighborhood. The dues also go towards maintenance of common areas like the park and neighborhood entrances. A copy of the budget is provided via mail annually.


How do I report a non-working street light?

Street light outages should be reported directly to Oncor Electric. Report streetlight outages online or call Oncor Electric at 1-888-313-4747. If calling, note the number on the light pole.


Who is responsible for the street conditions (traffic signs, etc)?

The City of Pflugerville is responsible for street conditions. Report a problem here.


Who do I contact about mowing common areas?

The grass in the common areas of the neighborhood is mowed at different intervals. Contact Jack Baker at [email protected] to report an area that needs maintenance.


How can I prevent a warning for my lawn not being properly maintained?

The following guidelines assist the community manager in determining whether a violation notice should be mailed to an owner. Additional information on these guidelines can be found in section 2.21 (page 6) of the full Declaration. Consistently maintaining your lawn and plantings with these guidelines in mind will eliminate the possibility of future notices.

  1. The lawn is regularly mowed with a grass blade height of no more than six inches.
  2. The lawn, including grass adjacent to sidewalks and street curbs, is edged regularly, and grass stringers do not exceed six inches in length.
  3. The lawn does not have weeds taller than six inches.
  4. Beds and tree wells are free of weeds and grass.
  5. Shrubs and trees are pruned.
  6. Dead plantings are not present.
  7. The lawn and plantings appear to be watered regularly.


How can I set up payment plan to pay the annual HOA dues?

Please contact Steve Grubbs at [email protected]. He will assist you in establishing a payment plan.


Does the city have a curb side pickup for brush or large items?

Pflugerville has a curb side pickup service for trash of different sizes and types. The curbside chipping service serves all residential utility customers every other week. Find more information about these programs here and here.