Neighborhood Volunteers

Committees are made up of volunteers from within the neighborhood. These volunteers help drive community engagement and make suggestions for community improvement and safety. Homeowners do not have to be on the Board of Directors to be part of a committee.


These volunteers plan and execute social events for the neighborhood. They work with the other volunteers to publish and distribute newsletters, notices of events, and to survey neighbors to gather event ideas.

  • Carmen Carlson
  • Cheryl Rollman-Tinajero

These volunteers review improvement requests from homeowners and make recommendations based on HOA bylaws and guidelines. Architectural requests can be emailed to [email protected].

  • Michael Carlson
  • Shane Duncan
  • Connie Rose

These volunteers make recommendations to the board regarding the landscape and hardscape features of the community. They suggest flowers, shrubs, trees, grass and architectural components to enhance the appearance of the neighborhood. They also report to the board on the appearance of neighborhood amenities (landscaping, lighting, trails, etc.) and coordinate with the management company to maintain common areas.

  • Michael Carlson
  • Carmen Carlson

These volunteers help get the word out about neighborhood activities, events, and important information through various communication pathways. They assist with creating content for newsletters, website updates, etc.

  • Clair Rollman-Tinajero

These volunteers help monitor the neighborhood for safety concerns such as lighting, signage, and amenities. They make recommendations to the board on issues that relate to promoting the safety, peace, general welfare of the neighborhood, and protecting Association property.

  • Henry Garcia

These volunteers are available to answer questions about the HOA for new and existing homeowners. They also help direct neighbors to neighborhood resources.

  • G Bernard Mathews
  • Clair Rollman-Tinajero